What sets us apart

Behind the screens:
Who actually is voya?

Two locations, one mission.

We create smooth(er) travel - worldwide.

Driven by the idea of providing business travelers with the best travel experience, we always have one thing in mind: delivering the best customer and user experience. Behind voya is a team whose heart beats for digital excellence, combining expertise with passion, and standing for reliability and cosmopolitanism.


What sets us apart

Shaping the future digitally with responsibility




We develop, program, innovate, and bring ideas to life - with unwavering curiosity and therefore nonstop. Almost daily, we find new paths, leave old trails, push boundaries, and go beyond. And we love what we do.



We want to offer the most comfortable travel experience and with voya we provide a platform that does just that. Travel, mobility and real-time assistance in one. And at all times and at the highest level. Because what drives us is what defines us: the best experience and outcome.



Being there 100% for our customers, users and partners. Reliable, connected, honest, fair, at eye level. That is our highest maxim and part of our DNA.



As part of CARIAD, the leading software company in the automotive industry, we help shape the mobility of tomorrow.


With voya into the future

A look into the past..
A step into the future.


The beginning of voya? Phone queues.

From an initially bothersome situation, Maximilian Lober and Florian Stege turned it into a persistent problem: How to book business trips comfortably, digitally, yet still personally? In 2015, it seemed nearly impossible online. That's why the founders turned their adversity into an opportunity and promptly realized the vision with voya, providing a platform for business travelers and users that can do exactly that.


And today? Let's shape mobility together with VW.

Because we also believe that it is time to redefine every form of mobility and travel, the merger with VW in 2020 was a logical consequence. Since 2022, as part of CARIAD, not only is voya's technology being further developed with a focus on digital business travel management, but also on the path to becoming a software-oriented mobility provider, voya can be utilized by VW for future digital services as well.


Also: Integrated partner of Lufthansa City-Center.

What must never be missing at voya: personal contact. That's why voya has another strong partner on board since 2019 in Lufthansa City Center, the world's largest independent franchise company in the travel agency market. Together, we combine online booking and personal service to deliver customized solutions for every traveler's needs.

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Our locations

From Europe into the world


Open-mindedness, tolerance, and loyalty - that's typical of Hamburg. And typical of voya. Located in the heart of Neustadt, not far from the Michel and the Elbphilharmonie, we are surrounded by tradition and modernity that drive us every day to keep moving, think big, and develop software for the future.


Similar to the population, which is around 2 million, it is not just the size that makes Bucharest unique. As the economic and cultural center of Romania, it is the modern spirit of the city that inspires us: In an environment of forward-looking business developments, the travel and mobility solutions of tomorrow are also being created here.


This is what our employees say

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"I appreciate Voya’s dynamic and entrepreneurial company culture, where everyone’s opinion matters. Voya values and encourages new ideas, taking responsibility and a sense of ownership. Thus, as the Head of Finance, I can effectively play my role in strengthening the financedepartment. Also, the flexible work schedule helps me spend quality time with my family with two young children."

Umair Jamil

Head of Finance

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"At Voya not only do you help the product grow, but the product helps you grow too. You are welcomed to be involved in the whole process of development: you can come up with a product idea, analyze the data and implement it, all in the course of one day. It is satisfying to see how seemingly-dull programming languages and techniques can turn great ideas into everyday solutions."

Flaviu Mănica

Backend Engineer and Scrum Master

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The future is called voya

Voya as a partner for a future of mobility. Thinking about tomorrow together.


One for all, all for one:
voya x partner.

A whole is always more than the sum of its parts. In addition to Volkswagen, our partners also include the Lufthansa City Center franchise. Only because of this and thanks to further cooperations and a large network with all important providers such as airlines, railroads or payment, voya can offer and guarantee the simplest planning and booking process at the best conditions.


That lasts: Because we always think about tomorrow.

Who would we be if we wanted to shape and transform the future of mobility and travel management with voya, but sustainability didn't matter? At voya, sustainability goes beyond just the product and technology. Our goal is to move in an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable manner. That's why mobility is not the only "key" for us.


What moves us? Experience voya in the blog.

"All in One" is our middle name. With voya, we aim to provide not just a comprehensive and 100% digital travel management solution. We want to take our customers, partners, employees, applicants, and interested individuals on our journey. That's why we share all news and information about our company, including business developments and career opportunities, in the voya blog.

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