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Additional meal expenses in the travel expense report (in Germany) part 1

26. April, 2018

What are additional meal expenses and how are they calculated? Who reimburses the expenses and how is a distinction made…..


Voya exhibits at the Business Travel Show in London

19. February, 2018

We’d love to introduce you to smart travel management with Voya. Our all-in-one travel solution saves time and is…..

business traveler at the airport

14 tips for your business trip

3. January, 2018

While the typical vacationer thinks of holidays, sun and relaxation, business travelers associate travel with professional commitments, appointments and…..

How to increase productivity on business trips

How to… increase your employees’ productivity on business trips

18. September, 2017

How can business travellers make most of their time abroad? And what can travel managers do to promote their…..

Business trips to the USA

Business trips to the USA – What do I need to consider?

9. September, 2017

ESTA, citizenship and e-passport: German travelers, too, have to keep some regulations in mind prior to their business trips…..

Personal business travel: How the gap between private and corporate is vanishing

Personal business travel: How private and corporate is merging

1. September, 2017

Since recently, the gap between business travel and consumer travel is vanishing, resulting in something like personal business travel……


Laws on mileage allowance and subsistence: What is paid by the employer?

25. August, 2017

Especially when traveling for business, expenses pile up. Most probably, employees are later reimbursed for the money they spent…..

How female business travelers distinguish themselves

How female business travelers distinguish themselves

19. August, 2017

Female business travelers account for fewer travel expenses, appreciate comfort and like to feel safe. At least these are…..

5 ways to increase connectivity during business trips

5 ways to increase connectivity during business trips

10. August, 2017

Trying to increase connectivity during business trips surely is a debatable project. Some support the stance that granting employees…..