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The travel service that is both loved by the company and the traveller

Voya makes the lifes of travel managers, travellers and even the accounting department so much easier.

A tool for all processes

From guideline management up to accounting; Voya takes care of all processes in your travel management and even saves money and time at every step along the way. For the traveller we created booking process, that is as simple as texting a friend.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    In order to set up your account and the correct guidelines for using it, your personal account manager is available for you at all times.

  • Simple Setup

    Regardless, if it’s a matter of the traveler, or the integration into an existing accounting solution: Every step is so easy to set up, that even in large corporations, Voya can be up and running in a matter of days.

  • Easy administration tool

    Via our web interface, the travel manager is able to monitor and review every booked trip. Additionally, it allows you to configure allowance processes and real-time reporting. Thus, the company or travel manager has total control over all processes, at all times.

  • Communicate via the Chat

    By using the Voya Chat service, you can directly get in contact with our travel professionals. We are taking care of your requests, at all times.

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Book travel within seconds.

Booking via the Chat

With Voya you are able to request a travel inquiry any time. We will get back to you with the best options promptly. The best option can then be selected by only one click.

Employees can book themselves

If desired, every employee can request and book individual travel options on the desktop or app version by simply using Voya's chat feature. This results in being able to significantly reduce the coordination efforts between the traveller and internal travel management.

Booking for someone else

For the travel manager we offer a platform on which journeys for others can be easily requested and directly booked. The Highlight: The schedule is then directly synchronized with the traveler itself.

Auto-Sync on all our platforms
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Travel guidelines and digital clearance process

Generally, we only suggest options that are in line with the travel guidelines set by the company itself. If due to a prompt request these boundaries need to be extended, the management can approve the booking by clicking one button.

Auto-Sync on all our platforms

Request a journey on the computer in your office and choose the best option on your smartphone while you are on the move: This is only possible due to complete synchronization on all platforms. All travel schedules are thus shared and synchronized with the traveller as well as the travel management.

Personal travel preferences

Every employee can store their personal travel preferences and loyalty programs in his or her personal profile. These are taken into consideration at every booking. Our algorithmic technology is able toto learn from every made booking and thus allows us to book an even better and faster option for yo,the next time you travel..

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The best service even during your journey

  • Check-In on your favorite seat

    If possible, Voya tries to check-in every traveler on their preferred seat. A boarding pass is then directly sent to the traveler’s smartphone.

  • All expenses are covered before the journey begins

    Regardless if booking a rental car, hotel or flight; Voya pays all bills in advance, so that the traveller does not need worry about it at all.

  • Easy change of reservation and cancellation

    Does the appointment take a little longer than expected? No problem: Via the Chat and in a matter of seconds the travel manager or the traveler itself can just easily re-book or cancel existing bookings.

  • Crisis Management

    Is there an emergency, bad weather or strike coming up? Voya coordinates all re-bookings and if necessary, immediately flies out all employees in potentially dangerous situations.

  • Professionals by your side

    At all times, you chat with experienced travel professionals. We take care of any concerns regarding your bookings and make sure that the entire trip is most comfortable.

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Real time travel management

  • Real-time Dashboard

    Every booking can be reviewed and monitored in our web-based dashboard in real time. This gives you the overview of the travel status and whereabouts of every employees.

  • Clear overview of all trips

    In the admin tool, you can get gain insight into all past and future journey’s. It also allows you to select and sort all bookings according to cost center, project codes, traveller and travel destination.

  • Easy export

    You can comfortably export a .csv file of all journeys and relevant information for time frames of your choice.

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Simple and flexible billing process

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