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Employee satisfaction is a 100 percent focus at HeyCar. The previous travel booking process did not do justice to this. Because it was neither digital nor user-friendly. For more than 5 years, HeyCar has been fully committed to digitalization in travel management. In the meantime, 4 of the 5 European locations use voya.


An overview

HeyCar - ein Unternehmen der Mobility Trader GmbH

5 European locations

Part of the Volkswagen Group

simple, digital, customer-oriented

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"As a digital company, voya offers solutions that fit us and heycar: agile, dynamic, flexible and user-oriented."


When different travel policies apply to employees, expenses need to be reimbursed, and everything has to be manually verified – and all of this across multiple locations in an otherwise modern and digital corporate environment – worlds collide. This was the case at heyCar and primarily affected employee satisfaction.


Key to the solution

voya organizes the entire business travel process: managing trips, travelers, expenses and policies, approvals, and reporting. Considering the challenges faced by heycar, there was no doubt that the digital travel platform voya was the perfect solution.

  • Simplified and unified invoicing process
  • Digital first with 100% service
  • Holistic, cross-location solution


As a digital company, voya is the solution that aligns with the culture and employees of heycar: agile, dynamic, flexible, and user-oriented. Voya supports heycar in all aspects of business travel organization with a decentralized booking process at the employee level and a centrally stored travel policy.

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